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I'm a VERY good skinner :D

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25th May 2004 00:05

an example of what I said eariler Zero_finalAnd they make you feel weak by saying things that dont...

24th May 2004 00:05

Hi all once again! Zero_Final here! I think all these custom sabers are nice and all...But I'd like...

31st May 2004 03:05

not do-able in jk2. Jka(jk3/jedi academy) would be the better choice for this kind of TC. but its d...

20th May 2004 09:05

but look how he turned out,THE JEDI BETRAY YOU! they poison and warp your mind and make you feel wea...

5th May 2004 06:05

use fast style,and do Blue DFA's/blue lundges if you can.

5th May 2004 08:05

hmm.....I would say idea. but thanks for telling me what kind of duel. ;) I thi...

5th May 2004 08:05

amen. :spank: :lol:

5th May 2004 17:05

:nodding: this is true.

5th May 2004 17:05

can we stay on topic plz? thank you.

5th May 2004 21:05

Nope,I cant do that. Its because kylek's GTK mapping program keeps coming up with an error. :( It c...

6th May 2004 21:05

in ja: yes in jo: yes

8th May 2004 08:05

W00t! Yay!!!

11th May 2004 09:05

Kylek,you only pull out the bad things about the sith! :lookaround: In Episode 2, Count(love that...

19th May 2004 06:05

HAH! The Sith shall return,and destroy the jedi once and for all!! *uses the force to bring vader&a...

19th May 2004 11:05

software for skinning? well,first the free programs. Pakscape: opens .pk3 files. very useful. Pai...

20th May 2004 20:05

look at other prefabs for an example. you can open .md3 files with milkshape or 3dmax I think. or j...

24th May 2004 00:05

hmm.... a new clan name? nice. and a skinning and mapper too? supah. and training even for pros? ....

20th May 2004 20:05

the mod is going strong,I hope. Kylek! Status report!

20th May 2004 20:05

try to take the files off the CD yourself,manully. another idea woudl be to delete the "jedi outcas...

21st May 2004 02:05

how come gothix is banned but is still posting?

21st May 2004 02:05

or download the "Npc tool beta" and do all that without typing ANY line of code.

21st May 2004 22:05

hmmmm...tropical yoda? :lol: sounds cool. Ok,did you make sure the .skin file is in working order...

21st May 2004 22:05

Good for you! :)

21st May 2004 22:05

Hah... The jedi are weak. Worring about things that are happening,insted of doing something about it...

22nd May 2004 06:05