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hi i was wondering how you could get Infinite foce...i have modded some in JKII but not JK3. Thanks...

30th March 2004 02:03

I dont know much about to C++ Thing but you will need Softimage for the Animations Which Ravensoft r...

30th March 2004 20:03

A Response would be nice =|

30th March 2004 20:03

Thanks. Not Exactly What i Was looking for but hey, I'll Take What i Can Get :D

1st April 2004 01:04

Did it, put it in the Player.npc file but it didnt work =|

4th April 2004 00:04

Thanks dude. got it :D

4th April 2004 19:04 your base folder...make a new Text document and in it put those binds. next goto...

5th April 2004 03:04 Ranpage mod V2 For SP for Academy is out :)

5th April 2004 03:04