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Are you sure you're ready for this? http://www.rtcwfiles.com/file.info?ID=3615 look at the comments

15th October 2002 10:10

should be up soon, until then go here [color=burlywood](spooky moderator invasion- as most of you kn...

28th November 2002 05:11

loads map halfway then quits to desktop for me, that's after having to roll back video driver to eve...

28th November 2002 06:11

Yup, had to reinstall also. Now it works but load times are ssslllloooowwwwwww, with music skipping...

28th November 2002 07:11

2 minutes here also, fileplanet. DSL, $49/month. 3dgamer stopped at 11MB for me(corrupt)

28th November 2002 07:11

it sounds like a script error if it's saying unclosed bracket, post your script(s) so I can look at...

4th December 2002 07:12

use the cushion shader in the common category.

15th December 2002 13:12

Sticky, sticky, sticky :deal:

19th December 2002 07:12