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And I'd like - no, I demand all of your opinions about it (preferrably if you played it, but you kno...

22nd January 2019 17:01

This is avantgarde lyricism at this point.

15th January 2019 00:01

Posted by MrFancypantsPosted by ZipacnaMany of them are "older" people, they're trying to limit the...

7th January 2019 00:01

Posted by Red RebelWhat?! How can you do this? Via a mix of oneiromancy and bureaucracy.

7th January 2019 00:01

Well deserved. By the way, sent in the patent aplication on the moustache. Don't matter none that I...

6th January 2019 20:01

Well, I'd wager those black clothes glitter to this day, so... meh.

6th January 2019 12:01

You'll never catch me alive, copper.

6th January 2019 09:01

Posted by Red RebelAnd you know what Mikey, you're doing a fine job and I'm not even being facetious...

6th January 2019 08:01

Still working in the ancient history department at my university, although my contract ends this sum...

5th January 2019 19:01

Posted by LindaleAny form of modding on consoles has been illegal for a long time. As far as I am aw...

5th January 2019 18:01

Posted by MrFancypantsAs for the "Beamte", I wouldn't say that this status is limited to the higher...

5th January 2019 18:01

Posted by MrFancypantspublic servants get generous subsidies to private healthcare. That's right, th...

5th January 2019 16:01

The German system can be annoying or "satisfying", if that is the word, depending on the situation....

5th January 2019 12:01

Posted by FileTrekkerI pretend I no see that.But yes it is worth it! I am big on preservation of his...

5th January 2019 11:01

So I couldn't exactly fly out to Britain to go watch "They Shall Not Grow Old" and I just can't get...

5th January 2019 11:01


5th January 2019 10:01

Posted by FileTrekkerPosted by ZipacnaOkay, I gotta know. Do you just talk to people and consume med...

5th January 2019 10:01

Posted by LindalePosted by ZipacnaOn the other hand, Korea...Which Korea? South Korea, or Better Kor...

5th January 2019 10:01

Okay, I gotta know. Do you just talk to people and consume media, and at random points throughout th...

4th January 2019 21:01

I have meditated on this and decided it's void.

4th January 2019 11:01

Is everybody gonna start filing back in here because of the new year?   

4th January 2019 11:01

If you live your life in a WW2 Hollywood propaganda fest, sure. On the other hand, Korea. Appare...

3rd January 2019 13:01

German politics is absolutely fine and reasonable right now.

3rd January 2019 03:01

It's not a euphemism.

3rd January 2019 00:01

Plus, it's a travesty that he didn't name it "the SouljaBoy" right from the get-go.

3rd January 2019 00:01