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Smooth. =p

18th August 2010 04:08

Yes on. =p

18th August 2010 15:08

... you're so self-centred. =p

18th August 2010 15:08

Yes! :Party1:

18th August 2010 22:08

Yes. =p

19th August 2010 02:08

Hi there! To be sure, please have look at the FAQ / rules. Well, you seem to have a wide range of i...

19th August 2010 13:08

Hi there! As I see, people are already taking the pointing-to-the-FAQ business out of my hand. Coul...

19th August 2010 19:08

---> Location. =p

19th August 2010 19:08

Yeehaa! =p

16th August 2010 00:08

Indeed. :nodding:

16th August 2010 16:08

Okay... I believe that concludes the welcoming part here then. :lock:

16th August 2010 05:08

Booyah. =p

16th August 2010 14:08

FileTrekker;5373842Spoiler: Show Somehow reminds me of the probe droid on Hoth. =p

16th August 2010 19:08

Well, hello there! Someone's gotta be the "bad guy", so: Please read the FAQ/rules. It helps. :noddi...

17th August 2010 04:08

Come on, become a bit more crazy... :riles:

19th August 2010 19:08

True. =p We still need a cowardly lion. And a Dorothy. :lookaround:

19th August 2010 21:08

I read about your tour but I got the impression you were more around other parts of the country... a...

24th August 2010 19:08

Okay... I believe that would be welcoming for that... If you already know your way around, you proba...

24th August 2010 19:08

But... but... the beginning of the next cycle is only in December 2012! :(

25th August 2010 14:08

Whoa, whoa! Don't get insulting now lad! :p

25th August 2010 17:08

You're like the Gandalf of gaming... or Radagast. :p (And for all those who don't know, yes, that's...

25th August 2010 22:08

Snow_Flake;5383185Darkstar One is not as good. :P[/QUOTE] Heresy! :vikki: [QUOTE=Granyaski;5383240]...

25th August 2010 22:08

Just cause. Yes. =p

25th August 2010 22:08

Yes! =p PSPiso;5383875でも、ほんとになぜだ? That's the real reason, trust me. Just cause. ;)

26th August 2010 21:08

Truly. =p

26th August 2010 23:08