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[color=black]Hi... well I work with some of the programs at school and I was wondering if I could ge...

11th September 2004 14:09

msn paint my ass, she dont want to come on my pc it looks fine but once I post it here its crappy. :...

7th December 2004 00:12

wow im liken both :confused:

9th December 2004 15:12

I really like the very first one, I'll take it your giving it out please and thanks.

9th December 2004 14:12

What they said. The boarded looks out of place when it's there.

8th December 2004 21:12

you drew lines for that wow, a tutorial would nice.

8th December 2004 17:12

[color=black]I loved it excellent job. [color=black][color=black][/color][color=black][/color] [...

8th December 2004 01:12

Kudos! very nice job its my desktop as of now and i dont think i will change it for a while . that i...

7th December 2004 18:12

[color=Red]*removed, low resolution, bad quality. Follow the threads rules.[/color]

6th December 2004 23:12

We have a download brushes link right here in GF, its some where here in the graphics deparment, but...

9th December 2004 18:12

I can make you one when i get home, ill brew one out and see if you like it. :) what do you think...

6th December 2004 17:12

good job man that is really easy tut, from a n00b perspective. Kudos !

6th December 2004 17:12

I made a new desktop for my self, I think it looks pretty cool but its 1024-768. what do you think....

6th December 2004 16:12

diffrent, looks good clean and simple.

6th December 2004 13:12

I think the last one is the best out of all of them. An there all good, but the last one takes the c...

6th December 2004 13:12

ok cool.

5th December 2004 15:12

- Kudos -

5th December 2004 06:12

Im going to use the bottem one thanks Mac

9th December 2004 15:12

Fade one into the other, muahahahaha and see how that looks.

9th December 2004 18:12

I know I looked at it when he already had it and went "oh how did miss that" I could have fixed but...

5th December 2004 06:12

Gui you getting better at the sig thing, im sure they will get you a good avtar.

11th December 2004 15:12

Thanks Gui

12th December 2004 18:12

Internet Screen Name: Zon Real name: Kyle Age: 15 Sex: Male Weight: 190 pounds Height: 6'4 Hair col...

12th December 2004 18:12

That GT is such a nice car, I love it very much. good job tho. Kudos!

12th December 2004 18:12

I just made this a short time ago whats you thoughts ? Kudos!

12th December 2004 17:12