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lol well my dad had it alrdy... i didnt buy it lol...

21st September 2008 21:09

sry for double post but the dumb edit button timer thingy so i can realease it if you want but even...

22nd September 2008 01:09


22nd September 2008 02:09

bumpety bump bump bumpety bump

22nd September 2008 02:09

Frieden;4591478That's quite a mustache he's got there :cool: I like the uniform =p rofl

22nd September 2008 16:09

well im good at STEALING shaders to put on my skins but i want to know how to make a shader i mean i...

22nd September 2008 18:09

isnt that shakk tii exept younger and in the new clone wars movie... just use the shakk tii vm model...

22nd September 2008 18:09

idk just a personal skin and i know you guys have ideas for a mask or sumthing....

23rd September 2008 00:09

what do you mean you would be in some1s debt if thay did it? i think you could use a jaden or sumthi...

29th September 2008 21:09

His weapons are ported too. OMG THE WEOPONS ON JK3 ARE PORTED GASP.

29th September 2008 21:09

i bet cause the dynamic glow makes ME laggy so i bet that would too. i wish they would come up with...

20th September 2008 02:09

*dumps water on the fire and walk away*

12th October 2008 14:10

FireDragon100;4615033That's exactly what I was wayting for! Looks great! If you need me, I can hel...

5th October 2008 02:10

i thought yu said YOU were working on a pooh model and some is helping you... :( and i cant start mo...

6th October 2008 14:10


6th October 2008 22:10

LIA lol but i rember you should you were WORKING on one and YOUR friend was HELPING.

6th October 2008 22:10

mp would be better. sp would be boring.

6th October 2008 22:10


12th October 2008 14:10

ewww pokemon trainer model... but yea alot of models got finished but never got released :|

12th October 2008 14:10


5th October 2008 00:10

I can help with the homepage i guess. and the kakashi model looks a lil... the arm... you know what...

12th October 2008 14:10

YOU DID A WAMPA!!! i has the howler but you have a wampa!!! crazy man. poop

12th October 2008 14:10


12th October 2008 14:10

oooh cloverfield but if it WAS a rosh you gotta make it like hes hunched over or make the hunchback...

12th October 2008 14:10

custom ughnaught your face not mine

12th October 2008 22:10