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Hey, I was wondering if anybody could make me a Mandalorian Neo-Crusader model. I've looked everywhe...

2nd October 2009 06:10


2nd October 2009 09:10

Okay, because I can't get the image/spoiler tags to work, here's a link. http://images2.wikia.nocook...

2nd October 2009 09:10

I managed to find the Kotor one, but when you use it the skin textures are all black and white.

2nd October 2009 19:10

Sorry for this SUPER duper bump, but I can't find the atifix.bat file, where is it?

29th June 2010 04:06

At first without the ATI fix, it just went black and went back to my desktop. When I did the fix (I'...

26th October 2010 04:10

I have a desktop computer, and I have windows XP.

27th October 2010 01:10

DirectX 9 right now.

27th October 2010 03:10

That's the thing, I uninstalled it about a month ago due to my community, but decided to come back a...

27th October 2010 04:10

I kept my base folder (it's like 1-2 gigs), but I deleted the assets from before and just put all th...

27th October 2010 05:10

Okay, I'll try doing that then.

27th October 2010 07:10

In this roleplaying community, we found a map Dmonolith with is really awesome and all, but I can't...

21st March 2011 07:03

I tried playing around with it for like 30 minutes, none of the settings seemed to work.

21st March 2011 22:03