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Name Game Developer Filesize Downloads
Return to Castle Wolfenstein Trailer Return to Castle Wolfenstein Gray Matter Studios 33.69MB 4885
DM-Nazi Hell Hole Unreal Tournament 2003 Corey Franco 493KB 472
Flags - Nazi vs UN Soldier of Fortune d.r.i. 15KB 590
Flags - Nazi vs USA Soldier of Fortune d.r.i. 11KB 931
The Nazi Goon Squad - 800x600 Return to Castle Wolfenstein Mad Ad 284KB 531
The Nazi Goon Squad - 1024x768 Return to Castle Wolfenstein Mad Ad 445KB 1802
The Nazi Goon Squad - 1600x1200 Return to Castle Wolfenstein Mad Ad 1016KB 844
New Nazi Skin Pack Return to Castle Wolfenstein [GORE]Hallelujah 55KB 1011
Nazi Island Return to Castle Wolfenstein Sicko 7.63MB 798
Nazi Take Over Medal of Honor Fubah 485KB 363
Atom Bomb's Nazi Snow Tank Battlefield 1942 Atom Bomb 646KB 583
Atom Bomb's Nazi Predator Battlefield 1942 Atom Bomb 679KB 626
Nazi Building Skin Battlefield 1942 Rhino592 95KB 990
Nazi Ghost light scope Medal of Honor Leon 239KB 611
Nazi Church Battlefield 1942 Rhino592 239KB 929
Elite Nazi Medal of Honor Toenail 459KB 6896
Flakrider's Camo 116 Nazi Medal of Honor Flackrider 125KB 936
Flakrider's Desert Nazi Medal of Honor Flackrider 126KB 459
Dutch Nazi Steilhangrenate Medal of Honor koensieben622 401KB 321
Nazi Avatar Medal of Honor koensieben622 992KB 303
Nazi Scout Medal of Honor Flackrider 289KB 1169
German Nazi Guy Medal of Honor MSgt.AirForce 35KB 668
Soviet vs Nazi Avatar Medal of Honor Soviet_Demon 4KB 302
Nazi Compass Medal of Honor Guest 144KB 2534
Eagle Nazi Nade Medal of Honor Herr Kruger 503KB 292