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Name Game Developer Filesize Downloads
Kaltas Knife Export Tutorial Battlefield 2 Kaltagesta 1.2MB 1674
Saucer and neck modeling tutorial Star Trek: Bridge Commander MarkyD 37.79MB 235
Basic Modeling Tutorial Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Tebrey 1.28MB 2518
CW: Melting Point Basic Vehicle Modeling Video Half-Life 2 CW:MP Team 43.4MB 1514
Maya Export Plugin Update Unreal Tournament 2003 Epic Games 37KB 3066
3ds Max Export Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Kam 77KB 12687
Milkshape 3D Mad3d Export Plugin V0.85b Star Trek: Legacy Moonraker 15KB 1442
Import / Export Crysis Scr4T 20.37MB 69
Import Export Crysis Guest 20.37MB 138
Pop n Fresh MAX export/importer for Q3A Quake 3: Arena Guest 60KB 555
Q3 Rally Maya Export Source Quake 3: Arena Guest 38KB 59
3D Max Modeling Tools Soldier of Fortune Guest 358KB 4916
Modeling Guide Age of Mythology kebax735 4.49MB 705
EF2 3d modeling plugins Star Trek: Elite Force II FHL34 986KB 671
Modeling/Skinning Guide and Tools Star Wars: Jedi Knight III - Jedi Academy Raven Software 17.86MB 74830
Basic Modeling in XSI Star Wars: Battlefront (2004) nzy3vc 1.97MB 1919
Official Civ4 Unit Modeling Guide (PDF) Sid Meier's Civilization IV Guest 881KB 114
Official Civ4 Unit Modeling Guide (Word) Sid Meier's Civilization IV Guest 1.02MB 7
Video Tutorial - Making your first Room! Doom III Brain Trepaning 30MB 3125
Video Tutorial - Clipper + CSG Subtraction tool Doom III Guest 28.37MB 1109
Video Tutorial - Optimizing your Room / Map Doom III Brain Trepaning 31.66MB 1280
Hammer Basic Room Mapping Video Tutorial Half-Life 2 Ichi 24.33MB 61098
Colt 1911 XSI Video Tutorial - Part 1 - Setup And Outline Half-Life 2 Desty 54.06MB 13358
Colt 1911 XSI Video Tutorial - Part 2 - Modelling Half-Life 2 Desty 57.08MB 8585
Colt 1911 XSI Video Tutorial - Part 3 - Trigger Area Half-Life 2 Desty 45.41MB 5703