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Name Game Developer Filesize Downloads
={ORb}= Office Complex "Midnight" Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast Orbitius 6.16MB 2826
Super Orb Doom III MicFire999 856KB 434
The Senate of the ORb Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy Orbitius 7.61MB 1466
Orb Battle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Stealth' 3.45MB 109
Duel Orb Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy _UJ_Nejaa 360KB 678
Erinia System (The Orb) Star Trek: Legacy Team Exxperience 1.32MB 81
Shield Orb Descent 3 Guest 4.61MB 33
The Orb of the Meek (for Hexen 2 v. 1.07) Hexen II Guest 564KB 188
STorb - The StoryTellers Orb v1.0a Vampire The Masquerade Guest 35KB 62
AC Milan The best kit FIFA 99 Guest 16KB 7 FIFA 99 Guest 226KB 9 FIFA 99 Guest 80KB 7 FIFA 2004 Guest 385KB 19
Digital Extremes Bonus Pack (6 new maps) - .zip version Unreal Tournament 2003 Digital Extremes 71.5MB 88252 Unreal Tournament 2003 Ed Duke-Cox 1.52MB 1325
UT2003 Assault Mod - Zip File Unreal Tournament 2003 Realm of Assault 9.25MB 3287 Unreal Tournament 2003 Dade 1.23MB 300 Unreal Tournament 2003 Guest 1.11MB 93 Unreal Tournament 2003 Dogboy_uk 75KB 649
Chaos UT2 2.00 to 2.01 PATCH (ZIP) Unreal Tournament 2003 ChaoticDreamsTeam 875KB 549
Shattered Oasis ZIP Unreal Tournament 2003 Shattered Oasis Team 202.9MB 482
GREED2003(ZIP) Unreal Tournament 2003 Guest 1.47MB 84 Unreal Tournament 2003 Kangus 10KB 471 Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force Magic Interface 178KB 1193
Auctioneer Zip World of WarCraft Norganna 283KB 3182