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Name Game Developer Filesize Downloads
Half-Life 2 Night of a Million Zombies SP Map Half-Life 2 Mister Dan 4.32MB 12698
Half life 2 SP Night Of A Million Zombies Half-Life 2 Mister Dan 12.82MB 9800
Half-Life 2: The Night of a Million Zombies Co-op Map Half-Life 2 Mister Dan 4.18MB 3743
The Six Million Dollar Man Battlefield 2 BLAKE7 152.31MB 1475
The Million Dollar Showdown The Movies TheCMan 2.34MB 14
Zombies Skinpack Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast phonock 8.73MB 609
(2) Mutant Zombies WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos ap0calyps3 and n3m3s1s 5.05MB 987
Zombies Wallpaper Pack Doom III Zombie-X 789KB 146
Tinmans Allies vs. Zombies Doom III Sci_Fi_Gunman 41.41MB 145
City Of Zombies Doom III RobertDoom 9.49MB 1122
Half-Life 2 Zombies Beta 1 Map Half-Life 2 TotalGameFreak 205KB 1067
Half-Life 2 Zombies Map Half-Life 2 TotalGameFreak 824KB 1073
Half-Life 2 Zombies V3 SP Map Half-Life 2 TotalGameFreak 816KB 7151
Half-Life 2 SP Engage the Zombies Half-Life 2 Puppet_That_Kills 595KB 1092
Half-Life 2 Zombies Done Quick Demo Half-Life 2 TotalGameFreak 1.76MB 385
Dirtyharry's Zombies Medal of Honor DirtyHarry 1.27MB 601
Resident Evil zombies video Medal of Honor Herr Kruger 14.45MB 459
Half-Life 2: Save the Zombies Map Half-Life 2 WASNTME777 56.65MB 2619
Half-Life 2: Zombie Master High FPS Zombies Half-Life 2 Dr. Doener 2.16MB 264
Zombies CoD Gametype Call of Duty PaulusT 23KB 3117
Zombies Star Wars: Jedi Knight III - Jedi Academy Merscil_KingArthur 8.12MB 889
Zombies Mod Call of Duty Maciusiak 37.84MB 323
SPLinT_CeLL's Zombies Call of Duty SPLinT_CeLL 3.36MB 151
Zombies Mod Call of Duty Maciusiak 7.09MB 369
Zombies Mod Call of Duty Maciusiak 11.88MB 718