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Patches Battlefield 2 Patch v1.5

This is the long-awaited version 1.50 patch for Battlefield 2. In addition to making all content from both expansions free-to-play, it incl...


Demos Battlefield 2 Demo - Client Files

This is the highly anticipated demo for Battlefield 2. It contains 1 map with either 16 or 32 player configuration.


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Client Files Battlefield 2 v1.41 Patch

A full patch taking Battlefield 2 to v1.41. See the readme for details.


Packs Total Battlefield 2 Map Pack 3

Yes, it's that time again! The Total Battlefield 2 Map Team has been hard at work on a successor for their incredibly popular first and sec...


Client Files Battlefield 2 v1.03 Patch

Oh yes. THE 1.03 patch is out. With new features in the Server Browser, including a history and a favorites section, prefixes are able to...


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Modifications Project Reality v0.85 Core

The Project Reality Mod and Black Sand Studios are proud to announce the official release of Project Reality v0.85!


Client Files Battlefield 2 v1.12 Patch

Here you are Battlefield 2 fans! The official Battlefield 2 1.12 patch! You will not see major changes as this patch is mainly to allow Batt...


Single Player COOP Modifier

With added air assets and two more bots per map (30 to 32), I have stretched the stability boundaries with this mod expecting patch 1.03 to...


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Single Player 32 Bots on Singleplayer

For those with higher end systems and looking for more action, this file will allow you to automatically have 32 bots on the singleplayer ma...


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