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6th September 2002

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#1 15 years ago

First I'd like to say to the people who have supported my skins & have asked me to do more I thank you deeply for your support, honest opinions & suggestions.

Now for the bad news... I have to take a leave of absence from skinning anything for quite some time.

Now for the good news... My leave of absence is due to my girlfriend giving birth to our first child, she gave birth on 12/12/2002 but my long absence before this was due to preparing for our little girl which we named Athena Alexi.

I put up a site for her pictures so that family & friends can see our little girl (which I have dubbed "Our little shit machine" lol). Here's the site if any of you guys/gals want to take a peek at Daddy's Little Girl.

Thanks again for the support & once I get some extra time in the future I will try to come up with a few more skins, those still seeking help can still email me & I'll reply when I get the time to check my mail & of course you can find my email in my skinning tutorial thats's posted on this site.


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21st October 2002

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#2 15 years ago

Very cute.