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First of all u can download it from here

lots to read lol! didn't know there was that much:o

NB: In order to ensure that users can connect to a Battlecraft-created map, use a dedicated server with content checking OFF. Otherwise, users will not be able to connect to the map.

  1. If you're going to be modifying existing maps, we recommend that you make a copy of your "Battlefield 1942" game folder.
  2. Rename the copy (e.g. "Copy of Battlefield 1942") to "Battlefield 1942 MOD". For the rest of this document, this location will be known as your "Game Directory".
  3. There is a custom bf1942.exe that is needed for shadow and terrain generation. If you have access to that, copy it into your Game Directory, replacing the old bf1942.exe.

You can now use BattleCraft '42 by double clicking the file "bc42.exe"

First Time Use

  1. When you run the tool for the first time, it will ask you to name a mod. Choose the default (bf1942) if you want to edit existing Battlefield maps.
  2. After you name your mod, you'll be asked to choose the game directory and object list. Choose the Game Directory you created above. Use the default object list (bf1942.lst)
  3. Note that if you've been working with earlier builds of Battlecraft '42, your levels will probably not have the necessary files to run in the game and your cfg files will be out of date. It would be best to start from scratch (with new mod cfg files and new levels) with this build.
  4. WARNING: Don't start editing the default blank level that shows up when you first run the program. Choose "New Level" from the file menu or "Open Level" before you start editing, or you won't be able to save your work.

A Few Instructions

  1. To use water in a level, be sure to check the "Use Water" checkbox in the New Level dialog box when you create a new level.
  2. To raise and lower water, go into terrain editing mode and use Page Up and Page Down keys to raise/lower the water level. The water level starts fairly low, so you may need to hit Page Up a lot before you see it.
  3. To use the terrain flattening tool (the bulldozer icon), control-click on a piece of terrain to select a height, and then click normally to flatten terrain to that height. Control-click again to work with a new height.
  4. To use the road tool, select the tool, then hold down the control key and click on several locations in the map. Let go of the control key to finish, and choose your settings in the dialog that pops up.
  5. The Space key (which deselects everything) is very useful for when you are editing terrain points.

Current Shortcut Keys

GeneralF1 Edit TerrainF2 Edit MaterialsF3 Edit ObjectsI Camera on terrainO Camera fly modeP Camera top downJ Terrain wireframeK Terrain texturedL Terrain wireframe + texturedSpace Unselect selected points/objectsObject EditingF5 Show bounding boxF6 Show collision meshF7 Show detailF8 Show textured detailCrlt+1 Show Standard Mesh ObjectsCrlt+2 Show Tree Mesh ObjectsCrlt+3 Show Object SpawnsCrlt+4 Show Soldier SpawnsCrlt+5 Show Control PointsZ Selection ToolX Move XZ ToolC Move Y ToolV Rotate X ToolB Rotate Y ToolN Rotate Z ToolM Toggle Snap To GroundTerrain Editing1-9 Change Tool SizeShift + 1-0 Change Tool PowerZ CarveX RaiseC SmoothV FlattenB Road ToolN Edit PointsM Toggle AutosmoothMaterial Editing1-9 Change Brush Size


IMPORTANT: Battlecraft 1942 created maps can only be joined if they are being run on a dedicated server with content checking OFF. Content checking is a new feature in the 1.4 patch. The only other way to get Battlecraft 1942 created maps to function is to host as non-dedicated and have all clients joining have the same Texture Detail setting as the host computer. We strongly recommend hosting on a dedicated server.

* Battlecraft 1942 does not create true "mod" folders—you cannot change to a custom game in Battlefield 1942 with just the information that Battlecraft 1942 provides. However, the Mod folders still show up under "Custom Game" in the Battlefield 1942 main menu. Do not attempt to switch to your Mod unless you have provided the necessary files to do so.

* Generating Surface Maps on a Large Map causes a crash

* Using more than 7 control points will cause Battlefield 1942 not to be able to launch—this is a problem with Battlefield 1942, not Battlecraft 1942

* Choosing to create a new mod and canceling out will radically damage an open level. We strongly advise, first of all, saving before starting a new level, and second, not canceling the creation of a new level in a new mod.

* Battlecraft 1942 allows users to create two mods with the same name. Doing so causes severe problems with deleting/creating levels.

* Upon install of BC, Clicking "No" in the New MOD Configuration dialog, choosing to create new level, and then clicking "OK" on the Select a Mod box and on the Error message results in a crash.

* Renaming a level through Windows and attempting to load it causes a crash. This is due to the .RFA file structure.

* There is no way to rename a level once it has been named/created. There is no way to change it in game or in Battlecraft 1942. This is due to the .RFA file structure. The only way to rename levels is through unpacking

* The installer for Battlecraft 1942 does not create an uninstaller.

* Without a BF disc inserted, the user is able to continue with terrain shadow generation and merging of lightmaps. The user will be presented with pop ups stating that a disc must me inserted, yet, the user is still able to continue without one. If user inserts disc, Battlecraft 1942 functions correctly. If no disc is inserted, a crash occurs.

* In order to generate object lightmaps, you must create a folder in your root Battlefield 1942 directory named "StandardMesh". Unpack all of the files from the "Samples" folder in the download with Battlecraft 1942 into this directory.

* Maximum number of objects spawned is not functioning

* There are various objects that contain texture problems or do not contain any physics—detailed at the end of this document. Many of the objects listed as not having collision detection are supposed to be that way.

* There are objects that do not generate a preview image when adding new objects to the Cached Objects folder—detailed at the end of this document.

* Jungle Trees lack collision detection.

* The mini-map does not generate textures for water unless you put terrain beneath the water.

The folliwing objects have the following problems: Afr_bush4_m1: not properly textured/meshed

Bclas_m1: no collision

Eupaint1_m1: textures flicker

Eupain2_m1: textures flicker

Eutables_m1: weird point manipulation; does not match with marker in editor

Flowerbox1_m1: not properly textured/meshed

Flowerbox2_m1: not properly textured/meshed

Flowerbox3_m1: not properly textured/meshed

Gibb series (all): no models, or too difficult to see in game

Frwall_m1: no collision

Jungle tree series: no collision

Lcvp_static: cannot load into cache

Oak_tree_m1: no collision

Pacific_palm_4_m1: has a white outline around leaves

Pacific_palm_large_m1: not properly textured/meshed

Pacific_palm_d_m1: not properly textured/meshed

Pacific_palm_c_m1: not properly textured/meshed

Pacific_palm_a_m1: not properly textured/meshed

All Posters (posters_xxx_m1): missing art/texture (appears black)

Rh_pacfac_m1: no collision

Scrap_metal1_m1: no models in-game

Scrap_metal2_m1: no models in-game

Scrap_metal3_m1: no models in-game

Sacks_m1: not fully textured

Sightscene_opturn_m1: cannot load into cache

Sightscene_turn_m1: cannot load into cache

Sightscene_turn1_m1: cannot load into cache

Sightscene3_m1: cannot load into cache

Sightbill1_m1: low-res textures, no collision

Sightbill2_m1: low-res textures, no collision

Signalpanel_m1: no collision

Sidwalkl_m1: no collision

Sidewalkl2_m1: no collision

Skyelala_m1: no model in editor or game

Stonebridge_1_m1: no collision

Stonebridge_2_m1: no collision

Weldtank_m1: cannot load into cache

Wallamp1_m1: no collision

Wreck objects (wreck_xxx_m1): all wreck objects disappear after a few seconds