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18th July 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Okay i just recently start using battlecraft editor 2 days ago, and im having alot of fun with it its, easy to use and works wonderfully sometimes.

Well first of all i making a map called river raid, where the axis are on a small area arcoss the river and theyre heavily dug in, on the allies side, they have a much larger area, not as dug in, and they have a large amount of arterlly. There are 2 bridges one is destroyed andthe other isnt. Well the destroyed bridge i can walk on it. It exists. But my other non broken bridge i just walk through as if it doesnt exist. I was wondering was the collosion file for some of the objects not done?

Also a few other things in Operation market gardin there is that big bridge. How can i add that big bridge to my map it isnt in the addable objects. So where is it hiding?

And 1 more thing since my map is a river raid map, i made some small paths leading up to the germans. But to get to these paths the allies need to get acrooss using boats. But how can i add the boats? i tried once and the buts were just stuck they just sat there when u tried to move them.

I know these are probably newbish questions but ie just been mapping for the last 2 days so peace!

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11th December 2002

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#2 17 years ago

to make vehicles spawn you have to make an object spawn template. you must have been using the static lcvp. the giant iron bridge is called: ironbrdg1_m1.