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3rd July 2003

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#1 16 years ago

"The Battle of Stalingrad Mod"

Hello. I really want to fix the many historical inacuracy's with the Russians in Battlefield 1942 its pains me to see the Russians have a Jappeneese Sub-Machine Gun and British Sniper Rifle and Rifle.

What really makes me sick is the fact that the level known as "Stalingrad" is so incorrect its not even excuseable.

I will explain quickly about the problems with the "Stalingrad" map.

1) The Russians invaded over the Vulga River on to a dock on small boats. 2) There were no Russian tanks crossing over with them. Nor were there any vehcicles. 3) The Germans had Aircraft cover over "Stalingrad" such as the Stuka and Junkers. 4) The Germans also had Tiger Tanks Jeeps and Half-tracks. 5) There was a huge hill into which the Russians had to walk up threw in dug trenches while taking MG-42 fire from Sandbag postions at the top.

What I need for this mod are...

Modellers to make the PPSH and Nagant Rifle. Scripters to do the code for the weapons.

I also need someone who is able to extract the JU88's out of the Battle of Britain map and put them into the new Stalingrad map.

You can contact me by E-mail AIM or MSN.

E-Mail: [][/EMAIL] MSN: [email][/email] AIM: Dreiecknull

I would really want to do this Mod I think it would make BF1942 much more enjoyable.



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20th May 2002

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#2 16 years ago

Hi $p!k3,

You are a noob on the forums so I suppose it's excusable, but do you realise how any mods are being done that give the russians the russian rifle and uniform etc etc, and every one of them is asking for ppl to help, modders, skinners and mappers.

Do the map sure, and if it is good I'm sure one of the historically accurate mods in construction will be happy to include it in their mod. It does occurr to me though, that one of the reasons the Stalingrad map was done that way it is purely for gameplay reasons, the same for many other maps.

Kursk for instance was a huge area with over 1500 russian tanks, now that's a bit had to do with BF1942.

Have fun

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