how to get a FULL working mod with an extacted bf1942 -1 reply

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15th January 2003

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#1 16 years ago

ok, i have extracted my texture.rfa, sound.rfa, and menu.rfa. BF runs fine.. so i got this desert combat mod to play around with... i installed it by slapping the desert_combat folder in teh mod directory as instructed, but of course it didnt work because of the new texture and menu and sound rfas.. so i went ahead and extracted them and put them where they should be with the bf1942 textures and menus and sounds... the thing is.. the new mod comes with some new .dds and .tgas that would overwrite the bf1942 files. so i just put in all the new files, and didnt put any of the ones that would overwrite the old ones in.. it runs fine except some of the old soldier textures and things that i didnt want to overwrite arent in there... i was wondering if theres a way to fully install this mod if bf1942 rfas have been extracted?

maybe a way to use the rfas for desert_combat, but use the extracted folders for bf1942 by editing the desert combat init.con?

this sucks cuz i get the cool new stuff with with teh new mod.. but my soldiers are stuck in the `40s =] among other things...


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21st October 2002

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#2 16 years ago

Well heres what I did to make it work . open the zip file don't highlight anything in the zip file. just hit on to. EXTRACT, then when that window opens direct it to the program files/EAGames/battlefield 1942/mods , and just make the mod folder highlight dont open it .. and extract it to there .. Oh they are coming out with the patch 0.2 for DC tomorrow or the next day..