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12th December 2002

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#1 15 years ago

How does one go about implementing a completely custom-made vehicle with animated parts into the game?

For example... how does the Skyhawk get into the game?

Major issues (pls dont flame, i have tried contacting several coders but no replies... yet.)

1]How do custom animations work? How do i implement them?

2]so far all i see are skinning tutorials... how about model/animation tutorials?(how-to-put-into-BF-tutorials)

3]scripting/Coding a vehicle. is there a non-script-writing method of making something work? Is there a simple drag and drop method? I do not know coding.

This is semi-related to a mini-mod i hope to accomplish.. so far the model and skin is 'done'.

4]Glass sections. How do they work? I noticed on the BF official skins that those areas are black.. but i do know (however average my modelling knowledge is) that the transparency on a model can be tweaked. How do i tweak it such that only certain areas of a SKIN become transparent when placed on a transparent model?

thank you


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29th November 2002

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#2 15 years ago

im not quite sure but i believe the transparency is using an alpha channel where as if the alpha is 50% shade of black then the materail will become 50% seethrew no black will be totaling invisable.

Maybe you can help me Ihave raxs 3ds max scripts but have yet to get anything to import. I hit the get polycount and all that happens id the maxscript listener pulls in the number of facers but there's nothing in my viewprot. Im not wanting to steal anyones work just need an refereence model.