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27th November 2003

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#31 16 years ago
Daniel_2005maybe a bit more buildings (a bigger town)

Problem: more buildings --> MORE LAG

I think the town looks pretty great, certainly the docks, nicely done!!!! :clap:


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8th February 2003

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#32 16 years ago

Yeh, thats the only bad thing....

I really do like fighting in towns though :D


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2nd January 2003

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#33 16 years ago

okay, now that I finally found a soulmate on this subject, I decided to help out with his map, texturing his objects and stuff.

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9th December 2003

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#34 16 years ago

grrr... :mad: stupid GF, I hit submit and I got an error, now all text is lost :uhoh: , well again -short version-: Same goes for me, I just knew that there had to be more people like me out there on the net. I'm very intrested in OMG (no that's not Oh my god) although I really got into it since about 1 year ago. I have read 8 books on OMG and visited many websites (more then 15/20), too bad that the libary over here only has 6 books on OMG :mad: . I went to arnhem and oosterbeek 3 months ago btw. Glad you joined forces with me, help is always appreciated. I have posted an new version last week of my map go here or if that .tk adress fails go Here. Some screenshots i posted here in the forums went broken because i changed the layout of my screenshot page (had to change some file names for that) so to see an overvieuw of all screenshots go to my website.