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6th February 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Merciless Creations has went through a re-structuring of sorts lately, and I have been promoted to Lead Texture Artist. After discussing it over with MMerlin, we have decided that we need some new texture artists to fill some of the positions in that area. Your skinning duties would include vehicles, planes, and landscape textures. We have several TexturePacks still to be released for vanilla BF, as well as several new maps already in production, that will require a lot of talented skinners to complete.

A porfolio of work already completed is a must. I know that no one is born a skinner, and that we all had to start somewhere. However, due to the time constraints on the completion of these packs and maps, this isn't a job for someone still learning his way around Photoshop. We are looking for the type of person that is always pushing himself and his work to the next level...someone that is never satisfied, and always striving for something better.

If you think you fit this description, I'd love to talk to you. Contact me through PM here, or on ICQ (126777466) or through e-mail at [email][/email].

I look forward to working with you!