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3rd December 2002

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#1 16 years ago

Having tried with 1.1 some of the largish mods, such as Action BF and realism ones, I really enjoyed some features of them, for example more gun turrets on the B17 and more realistic guns- however in some of the mods there were things that I did not particualrily like (for example in the action mod, the difficulty in steering vehicles and the flamethrower replacing the assault rifle) Now I'm not dissing their mods- in fact i absolutly love them- they rock! :rock: And even if there are features that i dislike- I still use and love them as they are cool :dance:

I was wondering (having no modding experience) how difficult it would be to break such mods up into parts, for example: mod 1- add turrets to B17 mod 2- add flamethrower etc... then either releasing them seperatly or coming up with away to turn some off and on

Now failing all this- how difficult (and how would one go about) changing some things in the game- starting with the general attributes of things (For example changing the sniper rifle so that it blows up tanks) to adding things to levels (extra planes, tanks, holes in ground) to changing the models (giving the jeep seating for 30 and rocket launchers) - ok i may be exagerating somewhat with some of these- but generally how would i go about such things and how does one do it? Thanks guys:D