need a little help m2-m1 transitions -1 reply

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16th February 2003

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#1 16 years ago

I need a little on this transition thing

Now both my models or meshes have lightmaps and they're working ok .

So heres the break down.

The parts on the windows that have the applied to them, in which in my .rs files has the textureFade true; line in there. Also this material is in the same sub_shader slot for both m1 and m2 meshes.

But at a distance im getting this


Now as i draw nearer the object you can see it swapping the m2-for the m1,due to that weirdness going on.

But now that im looking at the m1 mesh everything behind this texture (which should be invisable by now) Is like it has no texture. But the objects being called from the bundle you can see fine.


But if a step inside you can clearly see that it does.


Any help on this matter greatly appreciated