NEW CLASS- Field General - .con editing&gurus req -1 reply

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14th December 2002

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#1 15 years ago

(longish) Gday all, I thought Id start a new thread for ideas and realitys of what we can do in the game with what tools and knowledge that we`ve got.

OK.. now If at all possible, a class like this can give purpose to the sometimes QUAKE like public server arenas we currently fight in. It gives purpose and directives to teamplay, an objective sometimes not seen in the heat of your own little battle. It also sets possible new "unofficial" game objectives like for example, a scouting partys sent to take out the general- also the two generals are ultimately in a playoff with each other. Maybe enen put in a request to DICE for this class in the/a addon. Anyways thats another thread.


Only 1 per side. VERY long spawn rate if killed. (he must be carefull in his play) Limited personal weapons. (sidearm-binos) Full seperate in-game map with more detail and icons of what your field soldiers(except snipers) see as your normal play mode-(exit map mode to return to 1st person) New uniform or identifying insignia. (new model?) New button commands for finer orders and their voice counterparts. eg (MINE BRIDGE- AMBUSH) Spawn with a jeep and various behind the lines spawn locations.

OK thats a start of the basics of the possibilitys. For all you editing and .con file whizz`s, what is a reality in the above suggestions? Ive looked for the reletive in map icons and how they fit in with what you see in the map, and I suspect it maybe hidden in the EXE. but Im not sure.


Is a one at a time spawn class possible? Is getting the info of what other soldiers see into the generals map possible? Is a set of unique button/voice commands possible for a new class?

Thanks for taking your time to read this longish post and maybe add an idea or solution to a potentially very exciting gameplay mod.

Cheers fellas



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29th December 2002

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#2 15 years ago

Just the ability to add classes would be great. so some of our mods out there can add new classes like panzer scouts and stuff like that.