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13th December 2002

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[COLOR=red] Perfectionist Custom Level Design - Custom Levels for Battlefield 1942 MAP #1 BATTLE OF BILSTON [/COLOR] - http://www.perfectionist.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/leveldesign

Greetings , The conclusive result in the long awaited Custom Maps scene has now launched for your downloading and enjoyment. Check the Links/Website for the Latest news and information about the "First" Perfectionist Custom Level design release - The Battle of Bilston . A high quality package has been put together for all Fans/modders/Community in general for this stunning game. Please Offer as much feedback as you wish as we it will be taken onboard in whatever regard and we welcome your thoughts on any of our future Releases, as Custom Level Design for this stunning game is what we are all about. Whatever levels you would like to see, then maybe its just around the corner or already in development ;). Alpha/Beta/ Testers were provided throughout the development of this Release by Personnel in the Mr_Congregation or immediate community.

[COLOR=red]Tons of Info , Over 30 Screenshots, Development Screenshots, Background Dev Work, and General Goodies [/COLOR]


[COLOR=green]Main [/COLOR]

Title : Map #1 Battle of Bilston

Date : December 12th 2002

Download Content : Installer WIzard - Readme_Release.Doc/Readme_Release.txt"

Author : Perfectionist Custom Level Design - Perfectionist (Mr_Perfect Blueyonder UK)

Email Address : Feedback and General Email - Submit @ Website link

Website : http://www.perfectionist.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/leveldesign

Forum : www.battlefield1942.co.uk/forums -General Editing-

Description : Check the Website !

------------------------------------------------------------- [COLOR=green]Gameplay Information [/COLOR]

Game type : Conquest,Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag Players : 8-16, 16-32, 32-64 Vehicles : Over 14 Vehicles per side Single player : No Weapons : Fully Authentic Battlefield 1942 Weapons/Objects/Materials

[COLOR=red]Tons of Info , Over 30 Screenshots, Development Screenshots, Background Dev Work, and General Goodies [/COLOR]

Hope you all enjoy this Custom Level, as our Mr Members and I have really enjoyed the Development and testing that has been involved, We hope to see you on a server soon :>. Ya- Man Ya- Man Ya- Man.

Perfectionist MR_PERFECT BY UK Perfectionist Custom Level Design http://www.perfectionist.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/leveldesign http://perfection.servegame.com http://paslevels.hopto.org


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12th December 2002

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#2 15 years ago

Hey Perfectionist, I was wondering about... do you have an email adress:confused: