Ocean Warfare Mod needs as many modlers as possible for first release!!! -1 reply

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28th May 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Ok we need some more experienced modlers you will get to pre-alpha test the mod if you are modler as well as refer one friend of yours that will also get to Pre-Alpha test as well. THis mod is to recreate the intense Ocean combat durring the Second World war Since we thought that Battlefield currently doesn't have enough ocean combat we are doing such that we will be including:

-Midget Subs -Japanese Suicide Subs if I can get some line drawings for them. -New Italian Subs and SLC -Pt Boats -Mine Layers -Mine Sweepers -Planted Megnetic Mines that spawn after a long time or never again -Submarine nets -New torpedo and Fighter aircraft -New and Larger Defense guns -A new Class -Many Island Coastal Battles -Possibly Canadian Navy later on in the mod -Released in Alpha Versions -The German navy Added in Later Versions -The British Navy -Atlantic Ocean Battles -At Least Ten New Maps (4 inthe works so far) -And Much Much More....

So we need some more Modlers for this Please Contact if your a modler that has rexman tools or that has Max 4 and up at [email]trevor_longbottom@hotmail.com[/email] or pm me here.