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28th October 2002

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#1 15 years ago

PBY–6A Catalina

I need some under paid modder to develop a PBY Catalina with full gun mount load out. I need way to pick Team Mates up who are practicing their breast stroke; landing craft just don’t get it! In sevral ways this plane belongs in 1942 more than the B-17.

1. Needs to have workable landing gear so it’s amphibious

2. Proper gun mounts • Bow turret (Nose) twin .30 cal. or one .50 cal. • Port & Starboard waist gun .50 cal. • Rear hull .30 cal. • Some in Black Cat squadron had quad fifty’s mounted in the nose & keel (rear) • Twin fixed mounted 20mm in nose ( twin .30’s removed)

3. Bomb racks, carried torpedoes also. Bombs were depth charges for sub patrol I believe.

If you wanted to get real fancy, could design it with retracting wing tip stabilizer floats. I have good 3-views, and Squadron/Signal pub. I plan to work on this model myself,but I don't have very much 3D modeling expierence. I have Gmax, Max 3.1, Max 4.2 I'm not sure what scale to start in on models for 1942?