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16th April 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to clarify the stance on the RtR stuff. Frankly, we tried to bend the rules and got stuck. I tried to clear it with DICE, with a no-go. 2.3.5 will require RtR.

In 2.4, we will include our own models and break away from the dependency on RtR.

All of you guys that are thinking of quitting, please don't. We are doing our best to cater to all of you. However, I do agree that the maps were well worth the money for RtR.

If you cannot afford RtR, check out Ebay 1st. If you just don't want it...please come back for 2.4.

All of this RtR stuff has came to a steaming head, and it has almost forced me out of the mod. I love you all...every man on this team is dedicated to this mod...we will make this all right for you guys. Just stick with us through this tough time.

Additionally, we will NOT support any further expansion packs, so this will not be an issue again.

-Maj. Koenig