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#1 16 years ago

O.k... So I built a load of models... got them textured and sorted the animations,etc I'm using the MDT max plugins in 3d studio max 6, they all seem to work fine apart from the IPhysique.gup plugin (it just wont load). So I got my LOD file exported, my .ske files infact all I need is that pesky .skn file, but all I get when I try is a maxscript error. I used a physique modifier on my models.. and I know using a skin modifier works, I'm basically trying to save having to redo my models.(plus I HATE using the skin modifier... it's SO tedious compared to Physique) Does anybody know of a skn exporter for max 6 thats compatible with a physique modifier? I hope this doesn't sound like a load of gibberish... Any help would be gratefully received as we're trying to get a mod out and this is the main hitch.