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28th September 2003

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#1 15 years ago

There could be a surf mod with all the cool surf spots and basically, it would just be surfing, but there would be 2 kinds of surfboards you could use, a 1 person board, and a 2 person longboard.

The 1 person board would have rocket pods that retract underwater and they are loaded with mini-torps and it takes 20 of them to equal one torp and each pod has 100 of these.

The longboard has a dual .50 cal on the back for the 2nd person, and the driver can control the weapons which are 2 mini torp pods and one norm torp.

The point of this idea for a mod is to have surf battles and to do cool stunts.

(Extra: Some maps can have rockets on the back of the surfboards)

Hope someone helps this become a reality.