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25th June 2008

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#1 10 years ago

I where playing Age of empires 2 at playstation 2, and I played a random game against 3 other computers. one of the computers wanted to be my ally, and I thought I could give him a chance, all my other allies I have had before haven't been so helpful. I had forgot to build soldiers and towers to my empire, so I had only resources. And suddenly William Wallace and Saladin attacked me:eek:, and I had no time to make soldiers, but that stupid computer ally came and helped me, he sent two whole troops to take them out. And I was just standing there like a jackass and watched the fight that were happening in MY EMPIRE! I had totaly forgot that I was in the game, so I sent lots of resources to my ally for thanks:bows:, have that happened to anybody here?


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#2 10 years ago

1st this nice little story seems pretty un true since if ur ally was that stupid and that of been it he would'nt have sent any help but might have atked the ennemy and failed as usually, nice try though