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29th May 2007

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#1 12 years ago

First of all I'm not putting this in the help section because apparently nobody ever looks at it. The general discussion has the most views with only one post. The help section has one post too, so I put it here.

Anyway I have no music with my game. I was bored one day and then I remembered how fun AoE 2 was to play. So I got it off of limewire and there's no music. It came with the conquerors expansion and there's no music in that one either. I checked the sound folder and if the music does show up in there, it's not there. The music is turned on in the options screen, and everything else besides the music doesn't work. AoE with no music doesn't have an atmosphere so me, so playing it without music just isn't the same. Besides, I was gonna put the AoE 2 music in my Oblivion music folders. ;) So yeah, someone please help.

And for those of you that are gonna post just to say that getting games for free off of limewire is illegal, I got 2 things for you. One, the game is only like $10 now anyway, so what's the harm in getting it for free? Two, this isn't a place where you can just flame me for getting it from limewire. Your supposed to help me with my problem, not cause them.


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#2 12 years ago

i like it very much.