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23rd November 2003

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#1 14 years ago

Ok. You guys wanted this to continue your conversation about Waveslave's legolas mod, so here it is. Hope ya enjoy. Here's the full text on the Legolas page, so that you know where we are in the dicussion:

#1 - What's New - Posted by: waveslave610 This gives Legolas Elf Eyes(LOS), more health, runs faster, and kills with extremely accurate bows which harm more...this also has an auto-installer

#2 - lol - Posted by: CoolSk8r32 HAHA this was your first ever mod installed? lol

#3 - Posted by: Dozza This is good. I was hoping to review it. Lol.

#4 - well, - Posted by: Ashatay i don't see why you can't. the only rule i would put in place is if you review something that has been reviewed, don't delete the old one, just put yours beneath it. So yeah, feel free to review it yourself but if you review this you have to also review atleast two that have never been reviewed before to compensate!!

I can't believe it, i am the one who started the whole "put (REVIEWED) after the name of reviewed files" thing and I forgot!

#5 - sry for double post, i just woke up, too lazy to edit - Posted by: Ashatay anyway, you should notice the following:

Name change from' Legolas unit with installer (2.0)' to 'Legolas V2 and installer

(Reviewed) was finally added

This replaced the outdated version w/o the installer as file of the week.

I am now going to edit the older file to make it outdated and link to this one.

#6 - Posted by: shimano55 I was going to review this but I had to go to sleep. Darn.

#7 - ok - Posted by: CoolSk8r32 ya i thot it wuz kinda weird on the main page: 2 new files!

-Legolas unit with installer 2.0? lol no

#8 - Posted by: waveslave610 thx ashatay for all your work, I should've done all the updates for the first least now I know to use auto-installers and updated stats for mods to come

#9 - Posted by: flare does this mod work with aom? because i dont have the titans expansion

#10 - Posted by: waveslave610 sorry, it uses the Arcus from the Titans...It was the best base unit to use for Legolas, as opposed to Odysseus or something

#11 - well - Posted by: CoolSk8r32 hey flare, if you want this unit I'd be happy to give you an AoM version!

#12 - Posted by: flare If you can, then i'll be eternally grateful =)

#13 - flare - Posted by: CoolSk8r32 flare give me your AIM, MSN, or email.

AIM: AOM CoolSk8r32 MSN: [email][/email] Email: [email][/email]

#14 - email - Posted by: flare email: [email][/email]



#15 - I have a question - Posted by: Guest Why I have a unit call Legolas but it is not the face of Legolas,it is the face of a Alentic Archer but it is very powerful.How can I change it into the face of Legolas

#16 - whoa - Posted by: CoolSk8r32 what are you talking about?!? Alentic archer?? This is legolas, and there's no way that you could have anything else than what waveslave created, unles you modified it yourself. if it looks to you like Legolas' face looks like an Alentic archer or w/e, then that's not waveslave's fault lol. Please try to be more specific!!! Everyone here does lol...

#17 - Posted by: waveslave610 Ok, here it is...I used an actual pic of Legolas to clone onto the bmp (check it if you want and it will be accurate) but when it gets converted into the game, it gets distorted a bit vertically. So if you still think it is the Arcus head, look at the Arcus again and compare .

#18 - heh - Posted by: CoolSk8r32 lol waveslave, i think we all knew cept for that guy that you had copy and pasted a pic of legolas's head onto the texture!!!

#19 - Posted by: waveslave610 I know. It was kinda obvious lol.

#20 - WAVESLAVE!!!! - Posted by: CoolSk8r32 i have my sources. why are you doing so much for aomh?!?!? you're doing arcane, a whole lotr < aom conversion modpack, youre making lotr units for an aomh campaign, everything?? whats wrong with you???

#21 - COOLSK8R!!!! - Posted by: waveslave610 oh lol, you finally know what Legends of Middle Earth is? I joined Arcane way before my AoMFiles days, when my first (pathetic) LotR modpack came out. I like LotR so I applied and made it in. It's really slow lately though. I wonder if we are still going?

#22 - grr - Posted by: CoolSk8r32 sure sure.... and btw: 'Voted Best Modder on AoMH' hah we'll see about that. *ad pitch* JOIN BATTLE OF THE MODDERS!!! SHOW UP WAVESLAVE610 WITH YOUR OWN AWESOME SKILLS!!!

#23 - grrroar - Posted by: waveslave610 Lets all just wait til January 31 * throws everyone into anxious suspense* hmm, we are getting kinda off-topic. Good Job Waveslave610, I am definitely going to DL this

#24 - to CoolSk8r32 - Posted by: Guest I didn't mean that wolve's Legolas was bad,i think you dont understand me.

I meat that I have a unit called Legolas but it IS a Alentic Archer,i didn't mean that Wolve made the Legolas's face look like Alentic Archer.

After asking experts,I know why the Legolas became an Alentic Archer,it is because I set the qulity in option to low.If it is "low" everything will be diffirent(like elephant will be without a man on it) So I have changed to "high",and I see a cool Legolas now

so Wolve,CoolSk8r32 .I didn't mean that the Legolas is bad ^_^

#25 - is wave - Posted by: Guest sorry,is wave,not wove +_+ i type it all wrong

#26 - Posted by: Dozza Also, it's Atlantic not Alentic

Nice mod waveslave

One thing, the layer line, sowin in black could have been a bit more layer like... but if you don't have a clue what im on about then ignore me

#27 - aah - Posted by: CoolSk8r32 too much information and legolas info. i'm not participating in this discussion anymore lol. lets just end BotM so waveslave can win already!

#28 - Posted by: waveslave610 why end BotM when we both have equal quality mods? [w] yours is better actually...[/w]

#29 - Posted by: waveslave610 [whisper] oops, I wonder why whisper doesn't work. If this is whispered, then I found out.[/whisper]

#30 - Posted by: Guest The Leolas really cool.

Are there any Theoden or rohirims mod in the net?

#31 - um lol - Posted by: CoolSk8r32 well i cant beat out photo/DVD-quality textures. i'm not sure, let's just wait and see. nobody's seen beta v4 of Samurai - he now has a japanese hat and a darker face, giving the distinct Asian look. If i were allowed to do a modpack, i would make a Tom Cruise version of him and a Katsumoto version etc... but i cant... maybe i'll do it apart from BotM. but anyways i'm probably going to add more effects, maybe a sound update, then he'll be finished. then it will be the judging time WOO HOO

#32 - Posted by: Dozza Q About Legolas!

Does he fire quicker?

#33 - lol - Posted by: CoolSk8r32 he should thats a good point. he doesn't tho... seems waveslave is a good texturer, but he needs to learn what modding really is jk - but yo ureally should give him a special attack, or do something cool with him. cuz right now all thats good bout him is his awesome texture

#34 - lol - Posted by: CoolSk8r32 he should thats a good point. he doesn't tho... seems like the slave of waves is a good texturer, but he needs to learn what modding really is jk - but you really should give him a special attack, or do something cool with him. cuz right now all thats good bout him is his awesome texture. OOH OOH! I KNOW! Add a cinematic animation section to his anim!!! Then make him some new animations in GMAX! That'd be great, we could use Leggy in LotR campaign!

#35 - Posted by: waveslave610 I'm not a modder. I'm a texture artist. That is what I sign up for at design studios, not modding. That's your skills Cool. I dunno why I'm in BotM, I should be in Battle of the Texturers.

#36 - Posted by: Dozza Heh.... it's not hard to edit protos....

#37 - Posted by: waveslave610 nah I can do that...I just forgot about making him shoot faster...but it is hard when you start do make him do different range from hand attack, or all this other stuff. I get confused

#38 - uh - Posted by: CoolSk8r32 what? um if this answers your question... you cannot extend hand unit's range because:

-the unit's model or it's projectile has to actually hit the enemy it's attacking.

-you can only get around this by enlarging the unit's model (which i'm not even sure works)

#39 - huh? - Posted by: waveslave610 I wasn't asking a question. Perhaps my sentence didn't make sense. I meant when you add a ranged attack to a hand attack so the unit has two different attacks, but I already know how.

#40 - oh - Posted by: CoolSk8r32 oh lol well ya can do that then, huh?

EDIT:::: Can we please move this to the forums - make a thread like 'Legolas Discussion' or something...



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3rd May 2003

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#2 14 years ago

might wana take out all the non-legolas-related stuff. also, when i said moved to 'the forums', since this is botm i sort of meant aom m/m forums but this is good too.



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25th May 2003

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#3 14 years ago

Hum, I dunno guys, most people who post on aomfiles dont even post on gf, so if this gets to be anothe staff only spam fest watch it ;)