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16th February 2004

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#1 15 years ago

Turn on the lagometer

/cg_lagometer 1

and tell us if it is connection lag or game freezes. First of all, I would say get rid of the maps and mods and see if it goes away. If that doesn't help tweak your graphics down and sound quality down to a low level and see if that helps. Turn on your fps

/cg_drawfps 1

and see what kind of frames per second you are getting. If they are low then your graphics card may be the cause of the hangs. Turn of all stress (legally) from the game with

/cg_atmosphericEffects 0 /cg_wolfparticles 0 /cg_showblood 0 /cg_bloodFlash 0 /cg_bloodTime 0 /cg_brassTime 0

and see if that helps too. Things you want to try to tweak are the texture bits, all of them should be at 16. Change to low quality textures and 11 khz sound. Try a resolution of 800x600. If it is connection lag you may want to change your snaps and max packets snaps should be 20, 30, or 40 (move them up if they are down just to see if that helps)

/cl_maxpackets 30

to change your maxpackets to 30 if you have changed them. If you have low pings with 30 then move it up until you start seeing a higher ping. If that doesn't help post again and perhaps you can give us more information on the problem after all this.


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22nd March 2004

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#2 15 years ago

I used to get this problem a lot. One of the simplest things is to make sure all make ground programs are off. If you have IM services log off, etc. If your OS allows several users to be olgged on at the same time go check all other accounts and turn off programs in them and/or log out of them. The main thing that helped me is spending a $120 and upgrading my RAM. Use the lagometer (/ch_lagometer 1) because it might not be you that is causing the lag if you play on the same server often.


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22nd March 2004

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#3 15 years ago

Lagging and connection interrupted....:kerian: I have seen many sources in my travels! I have found spyware to be a particularly nasty participant in this. Also, I run a network at home with about 6 PC's. Turns out, ***** downloads are nto so good:lol: .... further there is one PC that must have a faulty NIC, cause if that biznitch is running, my game is struggling..... Also, with your driver versions and screen resolutions. In the end the game might run really well at 800x600, even if it aint as pretty...;)