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#1 4 months ago

Big news! We're SUPER excited to confirm the one and only JAMES HEANEY returns to GameFront with an all-new video series! Coming VERY soon!

Make sure you're subscribed to the GameFront YouTube channel so you don't miss this amazingness as and when we manage to get it all edited.

Danny King | Community Manager | GameFront.com

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#2 4 months ago

I honestly don't know who that is tonguez.gif

Unfortunately, I never really watched most of the youtube vids.

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#3 4 months ago

You can't post this and not include his glorious mug.

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#4 4 months ago

Mikey - GameFront.com - Lead Developer

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#5 4 months ago

That mustache and hair really make him look like a younger version of Donald Sutherland when he was in Animal House

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