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Hi All,

Sorry for the lack of website updates lately, but we've been working on various bug fixes and improvements and I am happy to report the following update has rolled out today;

Improved Upload Experience

We've been working to improve the upload experience for users, and while there's more work to do, here are the changes deployed today;

  • There is now a minimum character limit imposed on upload descriptions, to ensure files are uploaded with an appropriate description so users understand what the file is, how it works etc.
  • If the game you are uploading a file for does not exist, there's now a clear menu option allowing you to choose "Suggest a Game" more easily and preventing conflicts during upload.
  • If you try to suggest a game that already exists, the uploader will gracefully send you to the existing game which will prevent issues with uploads.
  • You can now specify the description and color scheme for a suggested game directly from the uploader.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements to prevent stalled or failed uploads.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

We have also made the following general bug fixes and improvements;

  • Some files were resulting in NGINX errors when downloading rather than the file, this has been resolved.
  • Some legacy FilesNetwork / FileFront Network files were not redirecting to their new URLS, this is now resolved.
  • The header image occasionally displaying an older version due to caching has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where videos would sometimes disappear from the latest video list.
  • Various improvements to staff moderation / admin tools
  • General bug fixes for the support ticket system


Danny King | Editor-in-Chief | GameFront.comĀ