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#1 11 months ago

Everyone give a  warm welcome to 7So7jQxkt47ZTHZ0dMZRMqSXzOQVCgACa2VJiUa3.png@Digz  ⁠  to the GameFront writing staff!

A lot of you will know Digz. from his days at GameFront's FilesNetwork, where he wrote news articles and reviews, and all that fine stuff. With a focus on MMO, RTS and strategy games, Digz will be providing us with opinion peices and regular articles.

Be sure to leave a comment on his articles!

Danny King | Editor-in-Chief | GameFront.com

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#2 11 months ago


Mikey - GameFront.com - Lead Developer

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#3 11 months ago

There goes the neighbourhood


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#4 10 months ago

Welcome back!