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#1 9 months ago

Hi All,

Thanks for all the ongoing feedback on the site, the GameFront you see today is getting very close to final release and is very much shaped by you, if you remember the first alpha version compared to today, we have come on leaps and bounds.

One issue has been our home page, how do we fit our content into this in the most presentable way that makes it clear who we are and what we do.

While it is important to understand that we are not primarily a new and article site, so our page is not going to be geared towards the typical article or click bait type content, we have tried to make the front page as appealing and engaging as possible while staying within our remit of files and mods first.

So please let us know what you think!

Danny King | Community Manager |

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#2 9 months ago

Needs more emojies in profiles. 

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#3 9 months ago

Needs me as an Admin

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#4 9 months ago

Looks good. Could be wider but that's just me complaining because I have a very wide monitor.

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#5 9 months ago
Posted by Stewie

Needs me as an Admin

For Science purposes of course 


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