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#1 14 years ago

Hi riders, so u wish to join one the Kings Knights clan? Before joing you must know that our clan accpet players whos PR higher than 10. IF u meet this requirment, then you are a player that coud join the knights!! To join post your name and ur e-mail here, and i will contact you as soon as possible! thumbsup.gif Details on the clan: Clan Web page: Ranked: 301 To be an offcier: PR higher than 14( will make it higher,latercuz of the Exp pack comign soon, the rank will be restarted) Adittion infos: IF u join, you must folowsoeme rules: Never be unrespectful, always be polite, try to help players less good than you. To stay in clan: Dont hack, cheat, be not actvie for long time( inform us if u have to: school, vacation, etc), or that ur PR dropped below 10 and u cant climb up in 1 week! Thats all, i hop ei inspired you in joing the clan


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13th July 2006

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#2 14 years ago

Sound's like a cool, friendly clan. Nice website aswell, good luck with recruting :)