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#1 7 years ago

So, I have been a huge fanatic of GB, a star wars game using the AOE 2 engine. And I have recently started doing research on how to re-create the GB gameplay in a newer 3D environment that AOE 3 delivers on. I have thus far been working on the Galactic Empire, I have gotten the tech tree down, I'm working on collecting the information for each individual unit.

My overall goal is to completely re-create the look and feel of the original game, but add some of the elements of AOE 3 to it. Like the home cities, maybe home city shipments and cards (IDK if I really want to utilize this feature yet)

My problem is that I haven't done a huge conversion on an RTS like this until high school (star trek armada II (re-did the federation to reflect DS9). I have downloaded some of the modding tutorials for AOE3, I'm still working on reading them and haven't started any actual modding yet.

In addition, I am reaching out to this modding community to assist me in developing this mod. So if anyone has any experience modding this game I would like to work along side you and make this happen. I have very little experience with 3d modeling (I once tried to create a sword using z-brush and ruined it). But I'm willing to learn, or cooperate with other talents to make this happen.

Please post/pm/email me if you are interested. I look forward to working with you.

TLDR: Want to re-create GB on AOE3 engine, don't have enough experience to do on my own. Want/need help to get this done.




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#2 7 years ago

Can't help with that I'm afraid. However have you downloaded the modding tools etc that you will need / will make your life easier from our network site here

Good Luck :o|


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#3 7 years ago

Thank you for your reply, Yes I have downloaded the tools, I just have not yet played around with them.


Ok, so I have just re-installed AOE III earlier today, and I decided not to install the two expansions, my logic is that if I'm doing a total conversion mod, the expansions are just going to make my job that much harder. If I'm wrong on this note, somebody please correct me.

Using FRAPS and Paint I have pieced together the Galactic Empire Tech Tree for reference purposes, and Saved the original Icons for all the buildings/units for click creation as .PNG files.

Slowly I'm starting to write down all the Galactic Empire Unit stats as they appear in the tech tree in notepad, as to make for quick reference later.

Currently I have a folder for the Galactic Empire and inside I have folders Labeled "T1" "T2" "T3" and "T4" and labeled the interior directories with all the buildings available at their respective Tech Levels, and within those directories I have the directories containing the units/researches appropriately associated to their buildings.

I mostly have T1 completed and I think I am going to start editing AOE there by creating a new civ(galactic empire , and inserting some units, provided i can find some models to represent those units and buildings.

I have also collected the audio folders from GB to ultimately be placed in my mod.

UPDATE 3/15/12:

So I have been working with extracting the data.bars file. and I started following a tutorial on creating a new civ, and I need to know if anybody knows where the unit sounds are in galactic battlegrounds, I'm really hoping I can get the Galactic empire up and running by the end of this month ( at least T1). In order to make this happen, I really am going to need help. I need a 3d modeling enthusiast to help me get started with this. I have heard that granny 3d is required for this, I have downloaded this program, but unfortunately I don't know how to use it.