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#1 10 years ago

Ok people...after reading almost 4 years the same showcase with some updates here and there its time for the final release showcase...enjoy. The original plan was to make a 15 minute movie but again it got out of hand... this crazy project got a feature film lenght in the end... it was started in 2005...when I did the final touches on my Nibelungen campaign...the movie was finished before christmas in 2006 and after that it took around 3 more years to fully complete the music & sound and voiceacting


Story/ visuals: scenario, map design, triggers created by: The_Vandhaal Music/ sounds: voiceacting and music composed and created by:M0nTy_PyTh0n (Hyena Studios) Coop name is: Mars Picture productions ( we have to give it some name...) PROGRESS: 100% RELEASE DATE: Has been released in 2009 TYPE: Full Cinematic (campaign style).



  • Around 5 full cinematic scenarios (campaign style)
  • High detailed movie sets with personalised location features.
  • NO MODS only original AoM TT stuff is used.
  • Underwater, space and air scenes
  • Nice camera tracks
  • Custom Composed music score
  • Custom created music score
  • Voice acting
  • Custom sound sfx
  • Feature lenght movie
  • Nice storyline
  • 5 custom overlay pictures


Vandhaal_corruptor-act5_06.jpgVandhaal_corruptormegascr76.jpgVandhaal_corruptorscr49.jpgVandhaal_corruptorscr32.jpg And do not forget these... they finally will make some sence after you watched the movie spinoff_corruptor_eyecandy.jpg

All the screenhsots had already been there for the last...well 2 to 3 years...hidden in my gallery to keep them as a suprise for the more Screenshots ( 100++) can be found on The Vandhaals AoM screenshot pages. or The vandhaal Gallery You can also visit the special Mars pictures productions project pages. Trailer The Corruptor trailer: "The Arrival" short wmv movie in various filesizes Trailer created by: The Vandhaal Music by: M0nTy_PyTh0n voice over: The Vandhaal You can watch the trailer streaming In the Theatre of the Mind

Download the trailer:

( Large 217 mb, 600x800 wmv file Medium 67 mb, 400x300 wmv file) Movie Teasers

Last note from the Vandhaal and download: Ok guys...I have taken you to: the lands along the river Rhine and showed you the tale of Alberich and his conflict with the Mighty god Wotan in The ring of the Nibelungen act 1: The Rhinegold back in 2005, I have taken you to a tiny and Mysterious Island in the atlantic ocean in Brass Monkey in 2006, I have taken you to the mysterious depts of the ocean and showed you the true story of what happend to Atlantis in Wonders of the deep and the Wonders of the Deep menu also back in 2006, I have taken you to a battle field and showed you the ruthless battle between Alberich and his legions and the Sinister Gibichungen race in the Clash with the Gibichungen free DVD video back in 2007, I have taken you to ancient Greece and witness strenght and honor of the glorious Spartans in the multiplayer campaign: Spartans also in 2007, I have taken you to ancient Persia and showed you the true story around the tower for the gods in The Tower of Babylon again back in 2007, I have given you in various years presents for Christmas, I have taken you to Erebus and showed you the sthe strong walls of the Hades worshippers in the Elflesh Hades city mp supremacy scenario, Togheter with Pepsidude_123 (a.k.a Alex) we have shown you the true face of the Hades Archers in Hades nudes and Archers (Link not allowed on AomH but here it is) again in 2007, I have given you Real Mythical heroes with the HEROES texture mod in 2008, I have given you journeys to countless mysterious locations in the AoM TT world and shown you many Mythical events in the countless Eyecandy screenshots I have created over all these years. And now I have taken you, together with the musical magic from M0nTy_PyTh0n and the dramatic magic from all 25 voiceactors, to the lands of Egypt to witness a immersive and epic mythical tale in The Corruptor feature lenght full cinematic. And this last tale will most likely be the last story I will tell you in the Age of Mythology World. I say most likely because you never know but I think it is time to fade away for me. I hope you all have enjoyed all my stuff over the past years. It took countless hours to create it, to be honest it took too much time but while I was wasting my time on it all I always thought about all of you and always hoped that I was able to suprise and entertain you with it all. I hope that the sourmouths ( yes there where many in all these years) stay away from it and do not ruin it ( best is that they do not even download it) and I hope that all the others.....oldies and new guys/girls around this hobby community will enjoy it all and keep it save from the hands of the sourmouths. Oh yes I will be around..... You can stumble on me and the guys in our dark hideout in cyberspaceor maybe even stumble on us all in the FIGHT CLUB on Eso or somewhere were ruthless mp supremacy battels are fought! I thank you all because you have been a great audience and you have given me a lot back for my hard work! And now let me be is time to enjoy the, most likely, last Vandhaal aom TT story and hear the magic M0nTy and the voiceactors have added to it.......enjoy The Corruptor! Best regards, The Vandhaal oh and yes....


Credits Movie & Story by: The_Vandhaal Music & sounds by: M0nTy_PyTh0n Voice actors (in the order of appearance): Narrator: Rebeka Thomas Anubis: Ty 'Aramek' Konzak Crowd on the beach: Nicolas 'Grandpa' Gray Samantha 'Samurai' Carotenuto Guardian: Scott Oka Aleia: 'Rina-chan' Ra: Rina 'Mizura' Adachi Mubis: Samantha 'Samurai' Carotenuto Theris: Stephen 'Shard-Spider' Lynch Lion Warrior: 'El Flesh' Leoos: David 'Shockdingo' Dixon Abdullah: Delm 'whatocean' Lars Shaba Ka: Bill 'Cowfoots' Young Omar: Patrick 'emcgo' Horoth: 'Rabids Squirrel' Lion Queen: Melissa D. 'Mippa' Johnson Oeton: Lawrence 'MasakoX' Simpson Hassan: Joshua 'TomaMoto' Tomar Captain: Caleb 'gamecheater2009' W. Sailor: Nikolas 'Grandpa' Gray Thud: Edwyn Tiong Guard: David 'p3rfect' York Priest: Morgan 'Mochan' Barnhart Chariot Soldier:'Rabids Squirrel' Sphinx: David 'p3rfect' York Isis: April Sadowski General: Christopher 'GeneralIvan' Guerrero Osiris: Lawrence 'MasakoX' Simpson Additional Ambient Voices : Villager : Sophie Neveu Warrior #1: Christopher 'GeneralIvan' Guerrero Warrior #2: Trent I. 'PharaohZ' Stanley Big thanx to the Voiceactors for helping us with their magic! Big thanx also to all others who helped and supported us! Check the end credits in the movie for all names! More info and contact Visit the following locations if you like to know more or just leave a reaction. Coop website : Mars Picture productions Mars Picture productions thread in The Vandhaal forum Showcase on AOMH The Vandhaal: New website: The Vandhaal website. Age Of Mythology and Starwars Galactic Battleground scenario and Machinima movie design Old website: The Vandhaal webiste. Age Of Mythology and Starwars Galactic Battleground scenario design New website mirror: New website mirror Forum: The Vandhaal forum M0nTy_PyTh0n ( Hyena Studios ): New website: Hyena Studios Intro Menu Old website: Hyena Studios Forum: Hyena Studios forum

Vandhaals personal lucky mascotte in this project: Titan602 (his smurfname nowadays is Mephiles :)
vandhaalcorruptorlogov.jpgFor all The Vandhaal released and or published stuff on AomH and the HG network and around the internet counts: 88x31.png Music all rights reserved By Monty Python


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