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The Great War Campaign : By Yuttho This is for the AoE3 HeavenGames 2008-2009 Winter Scenario Design Competition



The Great War Campaign Soundtrack

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I'll be adding like two or three scenarios on Asia's role in World War One since I'm going to buy the expansion packs soon. China was attempting to join the war and send troops to the Western Front. But Japan was entirely independent and wanted to conquer German colonies in Asia and the Pacific. And also India's involvement between the Central and British factions--marching toward their own independence.

This release is going to be extremely large because there's going to be a lot of custom sounds added to this and music to keep players entertained.


Preview: Up for download at Here's the link: Age of Empires 3 Heaven :: The Great War Campaign: The Defense at Verdun Hey guys, this is the official thread for the The Great Campaign. This is a historical scenario based on World War One. I'll be covering all major battles of the war in this campaign and will try to add some poignant or comprehensive cinematics. Briefing on World War One History There are a number of things that brought Europe and the rest of the world into a massive world war. Many of the world's powerful nations were in Europe and since countries and empires were so close to each other--relationships were tense and alliances were changing. Imperialism, militarism, and economics were some factors to the war. The European empires were struggling over land in Africa and Asia. Militarism, there were growing armies and this would lead to a very unstable political relationship for many nations. America stayed out of this--even though they showed off their Great White Fleet and joined the war in 1917. The trigger to the war, was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary, heir to the throne. The assassin was a Serbian terrorist. Austria-Hungary retaliated by asking some apologizing questions, saying that they will not attack. They lied, Germany and Italy made an alliance with Austria-Hungary, forming the Central Powers. Once Russia heard that Serbia was soon going to be attacked, they prepared their forces. France joined when Russia joined the war. German forces crossed the border of Belgium and headed for France. This move made Great Britain join the war. The Ottoman Empire also joined. This was the most devastating and most horrific war Europe EVER saw prior to World War Two. It lasted for four long years with nothing but artillery, smoke, and fire. The land was completely reformed. New technologies brought death to a large statistic. But at the same time, the Flu was even more deadly--killing more humans than the war killed humans. But this war was significant in a way that it brought Empires down and allowed for political reform in some parts. But with this open opportunity--communism after the Russian Revolution which made them pull out of World War One and the United States and Italy joined in to fill the position--and also fascism soon came, affecting Germany, Italy, and Spain. World War One was called, "The War to End all Wars". Battle history: When the Germans advanced into France, they pushed far and deep and then staling outside of Paris. That gave enough time for Britain and France to push back the Germans. It worked well, pushing the Germans back miles away from Paris. But both sides were rushing for the North Sea to establish a foothold. Meanwhile in Russia, the Russians pushed deep, taking Prussia and parts of Austria-Hungary. Soon, the Germans pushed back, miles and miles back. The Western Front was a desolate and gloomy battle--it was bloody stalemate that made a solid line stretching from the North Sea to Italy. The British came into the Middle East, attempting to take Jerusalem back from the Ottomans. The Ottomans were also attacking the Russians beside the Black and Caspian Sea. As Russia was up against a revolution--they pulled out and Germany pushed into far and the Ottomans focused their forces on the British. Again, the Western Front was a stalemate. The British in the Middle-east finally pushed in to Turkey. The Italians joined in and attempted to fight off Austrian forces but made an overwhelming and complete lose. Italian Forces repeatedly failed in this war. While Germany was finally able to focus on one front, they pushed in West--Verdun and Somme--two of the largest battles in World War One. They were both long battles but the Allies won and pushed the Germans back. Americans soon came at a rapid pace, sending in a large amount of forces. At this rate, they were able to push the Germans back into Germany. As the Allies from the West pushed in too far--they surrendered and a peace treaty formed. This campaign would mainly be fixed force strategy with a blend of strategic planning and constant mobilization of your forces to keep key positions. And trust me, this will be THE HARDEST and MOST STRATEGIC campaign you'll ever play... (I'll try to keep it non-repetitive...) Also, I'll be adding some cool features like sounds and music.

eaqz3p.jpg smww8z.jpg 2iawqkg.png 30j309c.jpg 13zxxkg.jpg 98vh8y.jpg

The Campaign List: Key: Cinematic: " " Scenario: =

"There's a current in society"

=First Battle of the Marne


=Battle of Tannenberg

"Race to the Sea"

=First Battle of Ypres

=Siege of Tsingtao

"The Christmas Truce of 1914"

"Get the Ottomans out!"

=Battle of Gallipoli

=Battle of Jerusalem

=Indian Independence

=Battle of Jutland

"Bloody Stalemate"

=Second Battle of Ypres

=Battle of Verdun


"The Highlanders"

=Battle of the Somme

=Battle of Vimy Ridge

"Drowning in Death"

=Third Battle of Ypres

=Battle of Megiddo

=Battle of the Argonne

=Second Battle of the Aisne

"Hundred Days Offensive"

=Second Battle of the Marne


Screenshots: Will add some more later...

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Hopefully this will attract some players and keep this dying community alive for awhile.