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12th January 2005

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#1 15 years ago

Okay i know that the Aoe3 demo is only supposed to work with Xp which annoyed me cause i have 2000 but i supposedly found a way to get round this, only that it doesnt work for me: I was wondering if this might work for other ppl. Mine installs fine its just that when i click the icon to start it, a blank box pops up with okay in the middle. If someone with windows 2k could try this and tell me if it works for them id be grateful: Important Note: Age of Empires III running on Windows 2000 systems is currently not supported by Microsoft, as Windows 2000's product life cycle for consumers ended this past June. Install at your own risk.

Macgyver2k has found an easy way to install the Age 3 Demo on Windows 2000:

1. Put the aoe3trial.exe to c:\ 2. Start -> run -> cmd 3. Type: c:\aoe3trial.exe /a 4. Click next, then the installer will ask for a network path, simply type in the path you want to install the game to ( e.g. c:\games\AOE3Trial ) 5. Click Install ( it seems se program does nothing, but the installation is in progrss - maybe takes some minutes ) 6. And then finish