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#1 14 years ago

Dear Clans, I have tried one time to join a well based clan.I idnt make cuz all they were in was supremacy and such.I am more of a scenario designer.I refuse to do any modding that will effect my gaming.I paid dearly for that mistake, a 4 month disablement at that.I do play lightning games.I am more of a fast pced gamer.Supremmacy isn't my thing lightning and death match is it all the way.I love Xamo's scenarios I am a friend of his.most of my senarios are no that good but I smile upon my 2 latest that arent finished.Xero~Mythodea and Xero~Castle~Blood, their names are very soon to be changed.My ESO name is Tonixz_Boy that is usually what I go by.I don't really play rated games much, i really am not that talented at anything other than scenario desgn and trjan wall Lightning games.I know most of you are going to reject me but I hope one clan out there will fit what I want Thank You, Tonixz_Boy