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16th December 2005

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#1 14 years ago

(I couldn't send aomfiles an email, so if you're interested you can put it up over at your site?) Birthright: The Adventure can be downloaded over at the liquid fire studios site (link below). The scenario was playtested however, due to certain personal issues playtesting was not 100% complete. You may, or may not, encounter several bugs. IMPORTANT: To UPGRADE your unit, click UPGRADE. You need 100 gold to perform this. Please read the README file which is essential for playing. If you don't, you will not know how to play. The prologue cinematic was not completed due to time pressure and ultimately a lack of interest. However, the story is still intriguing and the RPG elements are still there. The scenario was playtested by Antisback and RiderofEternity but due to the massive size of this scenario, along with the enormous amount of missions and triggers involved, it is inevitable that you will find a few bugs here and there. FEATURES: - 512 X 512 map compromising of a lush, beautiful world with 5 unique villages/cities and 3 distinct areas. - Tons of RPG Elements: Hunger Meter, Stamina Meter, Experience Gaining, Spell Casting, hundreds of quests, intriguing story line, and choose your race, class, gender, and even your name!. - Extensive README doc covering all aspects of the scenario. - Purchase your own pet over at the petshop in skaal. - Over 100 quests to perform. - Gain Experience, Cast Spells and explore the region for special items. - Upgrade your unit with your gold. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: - Place the scenario in your Scenarios folder, and all the sound files in your Age of Mythology/Sounds folder. Enjoy! Go to the liquid fire site and get it lol. No links on this weird forum....