Could someone pls make a valkerie heroine -1 reply

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2nd February 2004

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#1 16 years ago

- Basically it should be simple enough for you experienced modders - I've downloaded AOMedit and had experimented a bit but when I tried to do this I hit a brick wall. I'm trying to make an exapanded hero (and/or their capabilities) mod. I've worked out and largely finished the Atlantean, Egyptian and Greek things I was working on and I really wanted a ranged hero for the norse which brings me to the request. Ne1 remember the Valkerie heroine from the original SPC (Renigleif), essentially I'd like to port that hero unit into norse gameplay - she'd need a new name (probably one of her sisters names will do) and be a touch weaker but otherwise the same. (healing ability and javelin throwing and also regnerating) She'd also only available in the mythic age. I think I came close myself but really need something tangable to work with. If one of you guys could kindly do this for me that would be great. Tnx.