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#1 13 years ago

I am having a couple of problems with the editor. First, When I place an enemy spider egg in the editor, then test run the scenario thet will not hatch. I was wondering if I am doing something wrong? Second, Also in the editor part of game........ I set up the terrian, then place all the enemy town centers, set up my own town center, set up the enemy to be computer controlled, then I try to play the scenario & the enemy doesn't do anything. The workers just stand around doing nothing. I can control my own workers & make them do things though. I was hoping someone could help me please? thanks, Dave


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#2 13 years ago

Hi Dave :) Welcome to the forums.

Your first question - there's a simple answer for that. Unfortunately you can't just place a spiders egg. It won't hatch. Ever. What you need to do is invoke the spiders egg power. Do this by creating a trigger and using the effect invoke GP power. Then define the player who is going to invoke it, the name of the power itself and the position you want it to work at. The same thing applies for underground passages and wells also. As for the second question - check that you have set an AI for the computer player. And also that you've set that particular player as CPU. If so then the problem is the actual AI scripts themselves. The standard ones, the ones that come with the game, are pretty hopeless and the computer generally doesn't do anything much anyway. What you can do though is download some more from either here or here.


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#3 13 years ago

Thanks I will give it a try.