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9th August 2005

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#1 13 years ago

I have a new issue with a new map I have just created. I took my previous working map and added some new Trigger effects for “hit count” and “population count”. However, every time I go online and try to play the game, I get kicked out (and I am sure it’s the map). Another problem with map is that when I assign AI’s to the Rest of the players, the AI’s don’t function (and it is working in other maps I created).


I was wondering if you are willing to take a look at my Map. Who knows, the problem may be obvious to you right a way once You take a look at the list of triggers that I have there.

In this new map I have 3 players VS 1, each one of the 3 players Has a Titan right at the beginning, and the player they go against Has a Stronghold, with around 40 Stymphilian birds, and some mods To reduce the population count to all of his units (giving him a max army of around 280 units). I believe that tactics can play a major role in this game because the Stymphilian birds can chase away the Titans, however, if the 3 players can come Up with enough long range units and kill the birds before the Titans are killed, Only than they can win the game.

So I think it will be really nice to play this game, and I would like To share it online with other players.

Anyway, if you think you can take a look at the map, then please let me know. My email address is: [email=""][/email]

I can send you the map once you send me your mail address.

Thank you,