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The Evil Empire's SiteThe Evil Empire's Forums [size=24]The Evil Empire[/SIZE] Hi I'm Baxter (Hakuo600) the leader of the new design studio The Evil Empire. We cater for both graphic and AOM designers at once and have a few projects in mind but we wont reveal them to you yet. How do I join? Its very easy just fill out this application form here You most likely will be accepted as a member untill we have at least 10-13 the benefits if you become a member are: Access to the team only forum. A profile page on our site including downloads of you mods,maps and other stuff. Members -Baxter (Hakuo600):Leader -PharaohZ:Lead Moderator -MC Artman:Member -Lord of The Budgies:Registered User I would look forward to any responce we may be getting a new forum skin soon! regards-Baxter