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#1 13 years ago

OKay! heres where i need help first... I need to know if theres anyways to link one scenario to another, and back... and not only that but to keep one of them unacessable until it can be unlocked at the given time... example... I have a smaller map setup with 8 players (all cpu except plr 1, for variety in colorsand objects). This particular map is setup as a town. The diplomacy is all neutural execpt for one. now heres where the fun stuff begins... I need to know if theres anyways to make it so when player one garrisons its unit into the given building it'll end THAT scenario, and automatically load the new one (but at the same time, at the scenario screen, only having the City map unlocked), so to represent the players acceptance of that "campaign" (being whatever new map is loaded). Not only that, but for when they finish the NEW map's (that is loaded) objectives, it'll automatically go back to the city map... Is that possible? Secondly... I'm having trouble with the triggering of camera tracks... i have a little cinematic as the game begins... but i want to make it so that when the player gets to a certain area, it'll goto this flyby cinematic but then return to the point at which the player is currently at (and reset the cameras rotation, and height)... i worked the rotationg and hieght and even the returning into the cinematic itself; but i was wondering if theres an actual trigger effect that does it automatically... Also the linking of triggers, such as, the one trigger to start the letterboxes and cinematic, linking to the one that resets the camera, returns to the player and removes the letterboxes. THIRDLY, and lastly (for now), HOW DO I MAKE A GHOST ARMY?!?! the scenario i have is when you take out a building, i want a cpu-controlled titan to go and take out certain targets for the player... but as of right now, i can make a unit even appear on screen when the trigger goes off... i know the trigger IS, in fact, triggering, because in the same trigger, it cuts to a close-up cinematic for when the titan appears out of the titan gate... SO i've been QUITE in the swearing mood as of late.... ANYONE with anything that can help would do me a GREAT deal of help... luckily i can continue making the maps and worry about the programming later while i wait for a solution.... THANX in advanced for any help given.... :bawl: :beer: :bawl::beer: :bawl::beer: :bawl::moon: :bawl::beer: :bawl:


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and using the effect branch scenario...

effect: set player won, end game condition; unit garrisoned

cinematics: use fire event to start and restart camera tracks. to make dialogs you have to use the Play dialog and type the text, thats the same option where you can also add a picture.

ghost armies..are armies consisted of no units that arent place on the editor, and will appear during game.

1.) Make sure that no units are selected (this is VERY important, you'll see why later)

2.) Open the Army editor and type in the name of your ghost army. Hit 'ghost army' and it will show up on the list.

3.) In your trigger menu, use the effect 'Army Deploy'. It will ask you which army, select your ghost army. It will also ask you what units should be in the army. Select the unit you want and type in the amount you want of that unit. Voila! You've just made your ghost army!

The ghost army is a feature that allows you to manipulate the army feature without actually placing the units on the map. The scenario 'spawns' the units, and names them with the name you specified. This allows you to play with the armies and give them instructions before they are created. Think of it as tagging units for future reference. Hope this helps!